Spelling Power

It seems that one of our biggest struggles is spelling. Sure, we see the National Spelling Bee televised and of course the winners just happen to be home schoolers, but unfortunately I don’t have any of those in my house.

But not to worry because, I found a wonderful book several years ago that we have been using to improve our spelling. If you noticed I said, ‘our’ spelling because this book is great for children aged 8 to adult. Let’s face it we all can use a little help in the spelling department. What better way to teach your children spelling while learning some tips yourself.

The book I am referring to is called Spelling Power. This book contains lists of 5,000 most frequently used words. The words are organized by phonetic principles and spelling rules. With only 15 minutes a day, you can successfully improve your child’s spelling techniques.

So, since the book mentioned that I only needed to use it 15 minutes per day, we decided to put it to the test. We used this particular book for one year and found our children’s vocabulary increased immensely and what was more astonishing was that their spelling improved as well.

This book gives you detailed instructions on how to use the lists appropriately. There are ways to determine the readiness of the child and what list to begin your child with. The list is introduced and they are given daily tests that lasts no longer than 5 minutes. The test is not difficult. You as the teacher will say a word, use the word in a sentence and then repeat the word. The child then repeats the word using the proper pronunciation, which will help improve their spelling. The child will then write the word as best as possible, you will then spell the word and the child will self check the word. The child will know immediately if the spelling is correct and if it is not, it will then be placed on a separate list for the child to work on after the daily test.

The misspelled words are then reviewed by the child. They say the word, look at the word, say the word and spell it out, close the eyes and visualize the word. The child will review the word and spelling and rewrite the word again and then create his own sentence using the word. There are 10 steps to reviewing a misspelled word and once the child is accustomed to doing that after each daily test, they will remember the process and you can also incorporate the use of the dictionary.

This book has helped us tremendously that we continue to use it every year. Since it is adaptable for every grade level from age 8 and up, it works well in our home school environment. We have incorporated the words on each list into our other subjects as well and the children seem to remember the words more and understand their meaning if used on a daily basis and not only during spelling time.

I highly recommend this powerful book for your home school or to use as supplemental work for children attending school outside of the home. Who knows you may have a Spelling Bee champion in the making.

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