Some great sites available for your children

AllExperts – this site is staffed by volunteers that are available to answer questions and share their expertise for free.

Askme – this is another great site available to answer any question imaginable and will be answered by staffed volunteers for free.

There are dictionaries and thesauri available online for free as well, check these links:

Dictionary – search the dictionary or thesaurus here for free.

YourDictionary – this is an awesome site that links to about 800 dictionaries in 160 languages, on a wide range of subjects. This is one of our favorite sites.

For Research purposes – I believe you are never to old to research or never too young to start learning to research.

Writing and Research – a collection of sites recommended from PBS Teacher Source.

Great Math Sites:

Harcourt Animated Math Glossary – this site defines every mathematical term students will encounter. This is a great animated site and my children enjoy using it when learning math.

Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies – this site has great interactive math lessons that are engaging to students.

Science Sites:

McRel’s Accessible Science Series – a great list of experiments that you can do with your children and instructions for all grade levels are included.

Science Forum for Home Educators – very helpful and popular message boards where science discussions are held and experiments and links are also available.

I have many more sites to share with you that I will share with you in another post. Be sure to come back often. Remember to make learning fun.