Do You Have An Auditory Learner?

There are different learning styles and the one I will focus on today is Auditory.

How do you know if you have an auditory learner?

Well, first let’s describe an auditory learner.

An auditory learning remembers best what they have learned by hearing the information. An auditory learner will sometimes:

  • read out loud to themselves
  • talk to books, movies or the television when involved in the story line
  • hears the story in their mind when they read
  • will sit in lectures and listen rather than take notes
  • remembers things that are said especially if in a pattern or rhythm
  • can remember the lyrics of a song after listening once or twice

Auditory learners have their weaknesses and we must be aware of them. Many times an auditory learner will have a weakness in a different learning style. They may not be able to learn visually or through kinesthetic means but can be trained. This type of learner may have difficulties with flashcard learning for instance, but with no other distractions it is possible. It often helps if they combine auditory with visual and read items out loud to themselves, like reading directions.

The ways to help an auditory learner is to have discussions. I have an auditory learner in my family and actually I believe I may have more. When we are schooling and sit down to discuss what we are about to learn and discuss after the lesson, it seems like light bulbs go off. Recordings also work well in remembering materials and learning via audio helps this type of learner tremendously. When this type of learner can hear the information they can retain it longer. When learning phonics, saying the words or sounds out loud help as well as putting them to music. This is a wonderful way to learn to read for this type of learner. This goes the same for any subject. Math and the multiplication tables can be learned by repeating them out loud or turning them into a song. History and Science is retained more when discussed rather than reading or taking notes.

Another great way for this type of learner to retain information is to have them teach you. This is a perfect way for them to recite what they have learned and they will be able to remember easier as well.

Try these tips with your auditory learner and watch their learning expand to new heights.