Do You Have a Visual Learner?

My last post was about Auditory learners and today we will focus on Visual learners. This topic is not difficult for me because I can classify myself as a visual learner.

A visual learner is one that needs to see pictures to connect what they are learning. Do you have a child that jumps on your lap while you are reading a story? This child is looking for pictures to connect with the words you are saying. This child is also looking at the words and getting more familiar with the pronunciation and how it is spelled.

A visual learner will sometimes:

  • need to see pictures to comprehend a story
  • take notes during a lecture
  • will draw and doodle while taking notes
  • will learn more from a video or movie

Unlike an auditory who can learn by hearing mainly, this type of learner needs to see the lesson to learn. An auditory can learn phonics quickly because of the pronunciation but a visual learner needs to see how the word is broken down and connect pictures with the phonics to learn.

This type of learner benefits from flash cards and enjoys that type of learning, because of the visual manipulatives. When learning the states for geography for example, puzzle maps work wonderfully. A blackboard or white board will also help this type of learner.

Lap books are great resources for visual learners. We have incorporated the use of lap books in our home school and our children have enjoyed them and actually learned more than just sitting and lecturing. All the senses are involved in lap books, and the visual learner will benefit immensely from this resource.

Of course, having many pencils and pens handy along with notebooks are a must. Colored pencils, and crayons are a necessity for visual learners.

Computer programs also are a great resource for visual learners. There are many educational programs available for your visual learner and many available online that are free. I have shared some resources here and will continue to share resources, be sure to come back often.