Course of Study – Kindergarten

I have been asked to provide a recommended course of study for each particular grade. Although this is a just a checklist, one must remember that if your child does not fall within the particular parameters does not mean your child is ‘slow’ or ‘not learning’. Each child develops differently and each one has its own learning style.

Please remember that this should only be used as a checklist and not as a mandatory list that each child should follow.

Social Studies – the child has the ability to understand and appreciate different cultures, holidays, traditions and customs. Knows the location of their home and school, as well as safety rules and symbols. Can distinguish between work and jobs and role in the family, home, school and community.

Language Arts – the child can follow and give directions, can role play.can recite nursery rhymes, fairy tales. The child has the ability to construct visual images while listening and has oral communication skills. This child will also exhibit beginning writing skills such as manuscript handwriting.

Science – the child can name farm animals, common animals and plants and knows or understands how to care for pets. Can tell the difference between like and unlike plants, indoor plants and the weather and seasons. Knows that the solar system is made up of earth, moon, stars and planets. Knows the senses and it showing interest in experimentation.

Mathematics – can count from 1-20, familiar with clock and calendar, concepts of more, less than and same. Can recognize basic sets, denominations of money, estimation, the number line and sequence of events.

Health and Safety – the child is aware and understands the importance of personal hygiene, including brushing of teeth, good grooming and good eating habits. Aware of the safety to and from school and understands what physical fitness means.

Once again this is just a check list to help guide you when teaching your preschool child. Some may be more advanced and others may just be getting started. But not to worry, because they will all catch up in the end.

Most important thing to remember is to make learning fun.