Course of Study – Grade 1

I have been asked to provide a recommended course of study for each particular grade. Although this is a just a checklist, one must remember that if your child does not fall within the particular parameters does not mean your child is ‘slow’ or ‘not learning’. Each child develops differently and each one has their own learning style.
Please remember that this should only be used as a checklist and not as a mandatory list that each child should follow.

Science – This child has the ability to distinguish between living and non-living things, can group and classify, understands animals, pets, farm animals, and zoo and circus animals. This child can distinguish between night and day, air and water. Knows about sun, moon, stars and planets and can tell the difference between solid, gases and liquids. Is also interested in experiments.

Social Studies – This child has an understanding of holidays, traditions and customs, different cultures. Is familiar with basic geography terms, and can read simple neighborhood maps. Is familiar with social skills and responsibilities, jobs and careers and understands our American Heritage.

Language Arts – The child will be strengthening and working on his reading skills, can begin to read labels, signs, and names. Is learning how to organize ideas, tell favorite stories, begin spelling, working on enunciation and pronunciation and is working on manuscript handwriting, familiar with punctuation and capitalization. This child will also be starting dictionary skills and alphabetizing, and will be learning discussion skills, taking part in group discussions.

Mathematics – can count by 2′s, can count and write to 100, will start using 10 as the basic unit, will begin the addition and subtraction facts, can use the number line. Understands the concepts of quantity and size, concepts of ordinal and cardinal numbers, will be working on estimation. Can recognize the clock and calendar, and understands the value of a penny, nickel, dime and quarter.

Health and Safety – the child is aware of the importance of personal hygiene, and dental health. Understands good eating habits, knows about exercise and rest. Understands safety rules to and from school. Understands how to dress for weather and activity.

Once again this is just a check list to help guide you when teaching your preschool child. Some may be more advanced and others may just be getting started. But not to worry, because they will all catch up in the end.

Most important thing to remember is to make learning fun.