About Me

Okay, so who is Dr. Mommy exactly, you might be asking?? Well, here goes, hope you are sitting down…

My name is Daisy and I am 40-something, married to the love of my life (yes, really) and have 5 beautiful children. I feel my life is very blessed and remind myself of that daily.. Aside from being a mommy, I am also a Doctor of Chiropractic by profession, freelance writer, business owner, office administrator, blogger, teacher (home school my kiddos), chef (for my family of 7), chauffeur, cheer mom, baseball mom, very involved in our church, and too many more to list.

I never thought that I would be a mom, yet a professional mom of 5!! I feel that God has changed my life dramatically and for the best. There was a time that I thought that being a professional was the most important career to have, but soon after having my first that all changed. I wanted to spend more time with my children, but didn’t think it was possible and have a healthy, relationship at the same time. Which is why after much prayer, I gave up my profession and decided to devote my time to my family.

Now, there are times, that I need to find time for myself which is why I blog. I love to write and share my experiences with others, even if they don’t want to hear it:) I also love to create, which is why one of my hobbies is jewelry making. I have been creating jewelry for many years, and at one time had a wonderful, successful business with it, but life got in the way and that ended and soon became my hobby again.

I have found that I truly enjoy writing, so that is what I do these days. I find that I can still be home, delegate responsibilities, home school and still have time to write. I don’t like crowds, so you will never find me at an amusement park, by choice, or a mall. Sad but true, although I love to shop, I can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand in a mall, so I shop online, A LOT!!

I am having a blast and hope that you will come often to read about the adventures of a Dr. Mommy. And be sure to leave some comments:)

Many Blessings,

Dr. Mommy